Fix HB 2007

If you find the current demolition epidemic and lack of affordable housing upsetting, here’s what you can do today before HB 2007 goes to the senate for a vote… Press our legislators for an amendment to the bill that prohibits the demolition of sound and habitable housing.

Write, call, and attend meetings on the subject – there’s a list below of meetings and contacts:


HB 2007 should be amended to apply only to providing, protecting, and preserving HUD standards of affordable housing, not creating broad opportunity for speculative development that led to this crisis of affordability in the first place. It should protect and preserve existing affordability and avoid displacement. This can be accomplished by meeting two broad goals:

1) Limit the bill strictly to providing affordable housing that benefits those most in need – remove provisions which are not directly tied to regulated or defined standards of affordability.

2) Prohibit the demolition of existing habitable housing units by enforcing a minimum standard of Soundness and providing exceptions only when the project meets strict review criteria.

Contact house members that sponsored the bill:

House Speaker Tina Kotek, Portland

Rep Duane Stark, Grants Pass,

Julie Fahey, Eugene,

Rep Alissa Keny-Guyer

Rep Andy Olson, Albany

Rep Tawna Sanchez, Portland

Contact Portland Office of Government Relations:

Elizabeth Edwards, Interim Director

Dan Eisenbeis, Interim State Government Relations Manager