Creating affordable housing calls for the stick, not the carrot. Asking nicely if developers would pretty please satisfy the overwhelming demand for housing priced within HUD standards of affordability is like giving the fox unfettered access to the hen-house during an egg shortage and politely asking it to curb its […]

This Calls for the Stick Not the Carrot

I despise name-calling.  It’s the lowest form of communication, a cop-out, a diversion.  Instead of having a spirited debate that requires the patience for both talking AND listening, it’s quicker and easier to slap a label on a stranger that pre-emptively makes them wrong.  It’s not much of an accomplishment […]

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

I fundamentally believe that we can have the kind of density and variety that delivers affordable housing without the kind of unfettered demolitions that undermine the results we’re trying to achieve.  Jim Lockhart’s program “A Growing Concern”  featured discussion recently about HB 2007, a new Oregon affordable housing bill that […]

Demolishing Affordability, a Growing Concern

Several disconcerting amendments made to House Bill 2007 by the Home Builders Association and 1000 Friends of Oregon are NOT a friendly –  they have turned a laudable and worthwhile effort by Speaker Kotek into a Trojan horse.  The HBA’s amendments seek to undermine affordability rather than to preserve and […]

House Bill 2007- Gift or HBA Trojan Horse?